Fine Art + Graphic Design | MISSNISAA a.k.a. Nisaa Roberts

An artist, illustrator and graphic designer based in Essex, Greater London. Working across a wide range of media including paper, canvas and digital, my bag of tricks extends to typography, editorial design and UI design (web and app).
So, a Jack of all trades creative and master of none then eh? Nope. I take pride in all my work regardless if it is for me personally or for my client. Half-arsed delivery is not an option, so take advantage of my flexible style and capabilities.
As an artist I’m self-taught, instinctively creating figurative and portraiture art that feeds my love for people watching and human facial expressions. Probably due a strong awareness of my own overly expressive face.
As a human (just about), I’m film-buffing, techno-raving, game-slaying eclectic. Massively into cult classic films especially of the 80s and 90s and my current work is celebrating this, so if this is your bag you’ve come to the right place! But if it isn’t, don’t worry check me out on social media or Etsy when I throw some other pieces in to the mix.
Additionally, I work as a full time Design Manager and as a designer I create bespoke designs from the brief, never recycling or using stock. All designs are created with love, care and being right nit-picky. Hit me up if you are looking for a graphic design services and my design portfolio is available on request.



Available for artwork commissions, freelance work and whatever else you might like to throw my way

E: INFO@MISSNISAA.COM - T: +44 (0) 7482 855331