Under the moniker of MISSNISAA, Nisaa is a figurative artist working in both traditional and contemporary mediums, and a graphic designer specialising in branding, typography, editorial and UI design.

A self-taught artist, Nisaa began her keen interest for art from a very young age. She found solace in art and as a form of constant from the flux of growing up as an only child in a peripatetic family, having been raised in the Middle East, Far East Asia and the UK, where her family then remained.

Particular inspiration was taken from gaming, comic book and literary characters but she also had the verve to incorporate visual art, particularly the human form, into her young academic work even if it was extrinsic to the task at hand; from anatomical depictions in her science reports to illustrations of historical figures in her history pieces.

However, Nisaa’s pursuit into fine art came to a standstill after leaving school, resulting in a break of nearly 20 years before a significant life event resuscitated her need to create. In 2015, her path reconvened by self-training in graphic design which she still fulfils as design manager by day and freelancing, working with clients mainly in the UK and US.

In recent years Nisaa has been drawn back to the traditional arts and continues explore and establish her artistic voice without any formal training. Apart from her self-initiated pieces, Nisaa regularly carries out commission work with original pieces and prints being sold globally, including the UK, US, Canada and Europe.

Nisaa’s particular penchant is for figurative and portraiture art, and her transition from graphic design into the fine arts is reflected by the graphical style of her current portraits series; using graphical colour paint palettes with classical application techniques. She has a fascination for self-observation, with particular inclination to explore the human face, from obvious emotional expression to stories that can be intuitively defined through our eyes, facial lines or lineaments. Evoking a sense of nostalgia is key element to her current work.

You Got The Look – Oil on canvas
I Really Really Want A Ziggy Zig Ah – Oil on Panel
Good Golly Miss Holly – Oil on Canvas
Untitled – Oil on Canvas
Rock The Casbah – Oil on Canvas
Dr No, No. Calling Dr No – Oil on Canvas
Copped It – Oil on Canvas
Del Reyed Until Further Notice – Oil on Panel
Do You Really Want To Kurt Me – Oil on Panel
Say You. S-Amy – Oil on Panel
Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo – Oil on Panel
Oh What The Elle – Oil on Panel
Don’t Go Overboard – Oil on Board
Max Evader – Oil on board


For availability, commissions or more information please email the team at info@missnisaa.com.